Giorgi Rajebashvili

15 Years Experience

is a dynamic guide with wide-ranging experience and a great enthusiasm. He has been leading birdwatching tours for a number of years within Georgia, and has traveled throughout Europe and the USA for projects related to bird conservation. He has also collaborated in the affixing of transmitters on endangered species within Georgia, and on a 'nesting-box' project for passerines. Currently he finished a master program in Leisure, Tourism and Environment from Wageningen University and started his PHD on Ecology Institute at Ilia State University. Giorgi is engaged in few projects related to sustainable tourism development of Georgian mountain regions. Aside from his bird-related work, Giorgi is a renowned alpinist and mountain climber, having had conquered a number of peaks, including Mount Kazbegi (Georgia, 5,047 m.) many times, Ushba (Georgia, 4,710 m.), and Lenin Peak (Pamir Range, Kyrgyzstan, 7,134 m.). On his time off, Giorgi enjoys nature photography, mountain-biking, skiing, and rafting.

Languages I speak:
English - Fluently
Russian - Fluently

Tours From My Experience

My Team

Ecotours Georgia was established by the wildlife conservationists and nature lowers to develop sustainable tourism in Georgia, involve local people in tourism related projects and conserve Georgian flora and fauna. We are coming from the Georgian nature conservation NGO's and used to work on various projects regarding the bird conservation such as; Caucasian Black Grouse Project, Vultures of Georgia, Important Bird Areas in Georgia and etc. Furthermore, so far there exists only two books regarding the Georgian birds and our staff has worked on both of them (Raptors and Owls of Georgia, Birdwatching guide to Georgia). At the moment most of us are working for the Ilia State university and are involve in various nature conservation projects, also teaching to Bachelors and Master students.