Birding stories

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Spring birding trip to Dedoplistskaro region.

1st March 2014 was dry, sunny and warm in Taribani and Chachuna in East Kacheti beyond Dedopliskaro. Our birding group was very pleased to find Little Bustard for the 4th year running. This time we first saw a single bird briefly in flight, then a huge group of about 1000 was spotted , followed by two groups of about 100 and 80. So the total of 1181 was pretty good and the views were superb on the ground and in flight. A record 20 Cinereous (Black) vultures was notable for the very close views near the road on a corn field, accompanied by Golden Eagle, Hen Harrier, Common Kestrel, Merlin, Imperial Eagle, Buzzard and Griffon Vulture. As usual Calandra Lark were numerous, several thousand at least, along with abundant Goldfinch, Skylark, Crested Lark and Corn Bunting. Winter visitors at the large lake included many Fieldfares, two Great Grey Shrike, four Smew, several Goldeneye, Ruddy Shelduck and a White-tailed Eagle. This place is always full of surprises and interesting birds, its all according to the season and weather, which can be harsh in winter. This was lucky trip for us and the total list was 50 species. By Debby Reynolds.

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