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Vardzia Cave Town

Vardzia is an impressive man-made cave complex carved into a vertical cliff over the Mtkvari River that was founded in the 12th Century. The area around the caves is home to a number of typical East Mediterranean species. Most remarkable are vultures and several species of reptiles. It is possible to observe: Griffon, Egyptian and Bearded Vultures, Golden Eagle, Short-toed Snake-eagle, and Long-legged Buzzard are a common sight. Other birds of prey are Levant Sparrowhawk and Peregrine Falcon. In surrounding areas, Chukars are relatively common. Other birds are Crag Martin, Black-eared Wheatear, Blue Rock Thrush, Orphean Warbler, Lesser Whitethroat, Rock Nuthatch, Lesser Grey Shrike, Rose-coloured Starling, Rock Sparrow, Black-headed and Ortolan Buntings and other songbirds typical of semiarid landscapes. European Bee-eater and Hoopoe are common birds at Vardzia.
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